International Weddings

International photographer and portrait artist, Jack Elka, has made his career capturing special memories for clients around the globe for over 30 years.

"Elka of American" as he is known outside the United States, has traveled to European villas and castles, sunny private beaches, snow covered chalets and everywhere in between, his photographs stopping the passage of time, recording a most precious memory
...a bride kissing her father one last time before waking down the aisle to begin life with her groom
..... parents gazing at their tiny precious newborn baby
....... a loving couple celebrating 50 years of marriage with all their family smiling as they gather together around the loving couple
..........rare moments, much to important to be lost.

A true artist, Elka employs his dynamic skills with the camera to bring these moments to life. He does not simply take 'pretty pictures'-rather, he captures the essence of the event. This is why so many clients have written to say how precious these photographic memories have become as time passes and life speeds on. His evocative portraits make the subject and the moment live again-just the way it felts when the shutter snapped.

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